The Story Behind A Good Night Sleep And How It All Started

The Story Behind A Good Night Sleep And How It All Started

While personally, I never had trouble sleeping, I've had many friends tell me about having difficulty sleeping or experiencing sleep disorders. 

They would often toss and turn all night and wake up feeling exhausted and stressed – even anxious at times.

As a Sydney accountant, I know too well how busy life can get and the effects stress can have on our sleeping habits and vice versa. A lack of quality sleep can affect virtually every area of our lives.

Furthermore, sleep studies has shown that extended periods of stress can lead to an increase in hair loss, eczema and other allergic reactions.

When I realised how much people struggled to sleep at night, I wanted to do something about it and started looking for ways to help.

I have always been a firm believer in personal development and over the years, I invested tens of thousands of dollars in my education and got to work with some amazing coaches like Tony Robbins, Dale Beaumont and many others. And while I've learned an incredible amount, one thing became very clear to me: To live a life of purpose, good quality sleep is absolutely necessary.

When our bodies and minds are exhausted, we have little energy left for the important things in life. Those that truly matter and mean something to us.

Sleeping Better, Dreaming Bigger

I always knew there was more to life than my career in accounting. Don't get me wrong, I loved my work, but I think deep down we all have a desire to live bigger and chase our dreams. To go on adventures and see the world... and to inspire others to live their best lives, too.

I knew I wanted to make a positive impact in the world because the positive impact we create can have a huge effect on the people around us. I wanted to create a business that mattered. 

Because I live so far away from my family in China, I wanted to find a way to work together with my mum and create positive change in her world, too. However, I didn't quite know what that would look like yet.

I was talking to a group of friends one evening and the discussion drifted to sleeping problems and the benefits of silk. My friends mentioned how much better they had been sleeping since switching to silk pillowcases.

I was sceptical at first, but after trying them out for myself, I was absolutely amazed at the positive impact they had – not just on my sleep, but my skin and hair, too!

I was sleeping better, getting up earlier and more refreshed.

That's when I thought to myself: "If I can help people sleep better, I can help them dream bigger and live their best lives."

And that's when A Good Night Sleep was born!

Since starting out, I have become incredibly passionate about high-quality silk because of the positive effects it can have on our skin, our hair and our overall quality of sleep.

Why High-Quality Silk Leads to Better Sleep

The benefits of silk are so many that I have decided to only use silk of the highest quality for all our products.

The quality of silk is measured in momme. Momme is the weight measurement for silk fabric, similar to a thread count in cotton sheeting. The higher the density, the smoother, heavier and more durable the silk will be. With an increase in quality, the benefits of silk increase as well.

Many manufacturers of silk products use 12-16 momme silk because it is lightweight and cheaper to produce. Silk in the range of 16-19 is considered to be very high quality.

At A Good Night Sleep, we use 22 momme mulberry silk, which gives our silk pillowcases that luxurious feel they have become known for. They are incredibly soft on the skin and help regulate your body temperature, which plays an important part in getting the quality sleep your body needs.

9 Reasons to choose silk

Silk is a natural fibre found in the cocoons of some insects. Silkworms are bred to produce silk, and the silk is processed into thread, fabric, and yarn. The best quality silks are woven into luxurious fabrics such as our silk pillowcases, eye masks and scrunchies. There are many benefits to using silk products and these are our 9 favourite ones. 

  1. Silk's temperature-regulating properties help keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  2. The softness of our 22 momme mulberry silk helps prevent wrinkles by giving your skin a smoother surface to rest on.
  3. Soft, luxurious feel: Unlike other materials such as cotton, which can be scratchy, silk feels soothing and incredibly soft against the skin.
  4. Breathable: As silk is a natural fibre, it is breathable, which means your skin won't get hot and sweaty while sleeping on it. It allows air to flow through it easily, unlike synthetic fabrics that often cause clogged skin pores.
  5. Hypoallergenic: Some people are allergic to certain materials such as cotton, and this can be a problem if you're trying to get a good night's sleep. Silk does not cause any irritation so it is a great option for people with allergies.
  6. Prevents frizzy hair, as it can help to keep strands tamed and organised, resulting in a smoother appearance and less hair loss. Our silk scrunchies are a perfect addition to your silk pillowcases and match the style perfectly.
  7. It's heavenly soft: Silk is one of the most comfortable materials you can sleep on. It's also wrinkle-resistant so you can go about your day without worrying about wrinkly pillows and look forward to a clean place to rest your head at night.
  8. Silk fabrics last longer than other types of fabrics because they don't wear out as quickly due to their high strength and durability. The 22 momme mulberry silk used in our pillowcases make them particularly durable.
  9. Lastly, silk adds a luxurious touch to any home or bedroom. And let's be honest, who doesn't love a little touch of luxury?

Have you tried  sleeping on silk pillowcases? How has it made a difference in your life? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for being a part of our journey of helping busy dreamers like you sleep better and dream bigger.

Jadie x


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